『VOCALOID』 your love will surely


I had to freaking skip an entire case to stay on track. Since they're all unlocked, I plan to go back...but I love 1-4 so much that I at least had to say something!

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『VOCALOID』 your love will surely

A Kpop ramble? IDEK.

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Don't read that, it has no meaning.

One more day of classes until Labor Day weekend. Omg free time! ♥ I want to make a list of things to get done so I just don't veg for the whole weekend.

I have a math quiz today, my first quiz of my college academic career. \:D/

Sometimes I feel like I do all the housework around here, especially since summer began. And now that we're selling the house, everything has to be clean all the time, so it's worse. I guess it's okay, I'm just becoming really anal about how clean things are now.

Class time!
『VOCALOID』 your love will surely



As supposedly the Only Fan on the Internet, I present to you, in all it's horror glory, the V6 Pimpage Post of Doom. I can't promise I'll be witty, because I generally fail at wit, and write information like an encyclopedia. But I'll try to have you atleast know their names by the end. And to understand the beauty of Go-kun and the Chibi Utahime. 8D

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And that's it! Hopefully it was decent. I feel a bit like I've been working on it for 15 days. Any suggestions are welcome and encouraged. I don't think I accomplished making them seem sexy or fanserve-y or anything. Hopefully I achieved cute and talented?

Excuse me, my brain is leaking out my ears now. 8D